5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

You keep complaining and whining on why you’re still alone even if you’ve well passed the 20 year old mark of your life. However, there are just a couple of reasons why you’re still single after all this time. It might not be the fault of the ones you’ve dated but it may actually be yours. Here are just some of them.

You’re Choosy

They say that beggars can’t be choosers. That saying does a left turn when it comes to love since we all want someone with all the qualities that we admire. However, being all too critical with everything makes it horrible experience for your would-be boyfriend. Nobody’s perfect in this world and you’re certainly no perfect piece of work as well. Counting all the faults and imperfections of the other person isn’t a healthy thing to have if you want a relationship. Being choosy about whom you date is a no-no if you want someone to love you.

You Can’t Get Over Your Ex

Admit it. Somewhere deep within your heart, you just can’t get over your ex. You start thinking about him every night. You start wondering how their life has continued without you in it. You start stalking their Facebook profiles and give that nasty look on all the females he’s connecting with, even if they’re not even together. That’s the unhealthy thing that a lot of women have nowadays. But you have to accept it and move on. Dwelling in the past isn’t a healthy thing to do.

You Lust, Not Love

So you’re looking for someone who’s hot and good in bed but you still want it to be a steady relationship at the same time. That predator disposition of looking for a man to satiate your desire just won’t cut it if you want a relationship. What’s to say that after sex, you just end up getting bored and ending things right away? Don’t put lust over love.

You Have a “Type”

The mixed illusion that having a certain “type” of guy that you have to date is a pretentious and immature belief that will get you nowhere in relationships – example, you claim that your type is a “bad boy” and you like dating those tough guys. News flash dear, you won’t be having the happy relationship that you’re looking for. Having a “type” doesn’t help if you really want to find love. Sticking to a certain type will only lead you to date guys who don’t even care about you. What’s wrong in dating a guy that’s kind, nice and caring?

You’re Desperate

Constantly looking and begging for someone to be your boyfriend won’t need any words. In fact, you can bring out a certain aura that tells a lot of men to back off. Being all desperate just sends the wrong message to a prospective boyfriend. It often happens when you send signals. For example, texting every 5-10 minutes, constantly asking for a little bit of attention or being all too clingy, even in social media.

Top students from University of Salford’s School of Computing

Top students from University of Salford’s School of Computing

M247, parent company of Prime Hosting, received a visit recently from some of the top students from the School of Computing, Science and Engineering at University of Salford.

In what is developing into a useful relationship with the university and in particular with Senior Lecturer, Dr. Andrew Young, M247 sees the school as a valuable resource for recruiting talented graduates.

Already employing 35 people, many of them computer science graduates taken from North West universities and two of them actually from Salford University, M247 is growing all the time and our new Manchester datacentre is highly likely to significantly increase our need for more technical staff.

Under the guidance of M247’s Technical Director Chris Byrd (top of the picture wearing a blue shirt), the students were given a comprehensive tour of the facilities and a number of them commented that they were surprised that such an impressive datacentre existed outside of London!

M247 is currently providing a 12 month work opportunity for a Romanian computer science under graduate from the university who is managing to make himself a valuable part of our technical support team. James Smith, the M247 Director who manages this team said “ if any of the visiting students are as employable as our Romanian placement is, perhaps M247 will see some of them again in the not too distant future”.

Support Team Member Wins Compliments

Support Team Member Wins Compliments

Paul Pintiliescu is an Industrial Placement student gaining experience working as a member of our technical support team while also studying at Salford University. Paul recently gave a presentation at the University that described his role within Prime Hosting and its parent company M247.

Director James Smith who manages Paul while he is at the M247 Datacentre in Manchester said “I think Paul’s presentation shone above many others I’ve seen and I was very impressed that he managed to get across, not only points relating to his job but also some important points relating to the culture of our company and what the business is about. Paul is turning into a really valuable member of staff and has won a number of compliments from customers who appreciate his well-mannered and patient approach. His technical expertise is also proving very useful to our customers as he is getting increasingly skilled in important aspects of system engineering”.

M247 is keen to recruit local individuals with a technical talent and the placement scheme run by Salford University is proving to be a very successful resource.

At Salford University Paul is studying Operating System Procedures and Management, Data Communications and Internetworking and also Web Design and Development and prides himself on keeping up to date with the most recent technologies.

Recruiting More Manchester Talent

Recruiting More Manchester Talent

M247, parent company of Prime Hosting, is growing even more and after building our second Trafford Park datacentre within 3 years, we are in the process of recruiting more local talent.

Staffing has gone up steadily during 2012 and 10 new recruits have been taken on recently not just from the field of computer science but electricians, accountancy staff, a new groundsman, administration and sales staff have also found employment in this fast growing company.

With our headquarters in Manchester, M247 has two more buildings that it will soon be opening fully and another established in Kidderminster in the Midlands where additional sales personnel have been taken on to spearhead a product sales push in the competitive colocation and connectivity markets.

Jonathan Buckle, Operations Director of M247 said “We are a 24 hour operation and have to support thousands of customers in every time zone around the world. We are keen to get the right kind of technical skills matched to our specific needs. Fortunately Manchester has a wealth of this kind of talent and we have taken on some really skilled engineers who will help us in our technical support efforts. We are always interested in talking to individuals who have exceptional Linux and Windows skills and who want to hold on to our coat tails as we grow our business. We have a team of developers who are busy working on some of the bespoke software that keeps our operation running smoothly and here again, we expect to grow this department in the very near future.”

M247 has experienced month on month growth since it moved to Manchester from London in 2009. Career opportunities are good and the company has earned a reputation for being a fair and caring outfit with an impressively strong financial base.