Who doesn’t find themselves scrolling endlessly through their phone for hours on end? Imagine if you could get money for those hours you spend? Often without even changing your browsing habits? You need to check out these apps for your smartphone that could make the little thing in your pocket a big money making machine. There’s no catch involved, no secret charges, pyramid schemes or dodgy dealings. Now what will you spend those extra monies on… I wonder if it will be depositing on a slots site.


Whether you’re on an Apple or Android phone you can download this app and get yourself airline miles, gift cards, magazine subscriptions and more just by joining in on some surveys. They’ll only take up to 20 minutes of your time and you’re free to complete as many or as little as you like, there is no commitment so this app can fit into your schedule as and when you please.


This seems crazy but you can get paid up to $15 a month just for allowing ads to be put on your Android device. Basically every time you look at your phone you’ll see a promotion or story and you just slide left to see more or right to use your phone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at any of the content you still get paid the same amount – which you can donate to various charities as well if you are that way inclined.


This is a way out can earn cash simply by selling old books. Available on android and apple just scan the barcode and you’ll be presented with prices instantly for your chosen book. Just pick your buyer and they’ll look after payment and shipping.

Online Casinos

online slots games

So strictly speaking this isn’t an app but we can’t ignore the potential of online casinos and many of them are designed to act much like apps. Thanks to the internet now everyone can access online games and they are set up for a diverse range of customers who can play fun games for surprisingly little risk. Stakes often start off small and probably the best place to start is slotsbaby.com/ make sure you only bet with the funds you can afford to lose though!

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Essentially this is a way to make money out of realising your fitness and health goals, win win! Get the app on Android or iOS and make a pact with the app to eat healthier and get more exercise. The app does all the tracking and you can earn up to $5 a week for achieving your goals. Not huge but if you are doing that stuff any way it’s well worth giving a shot.


Loot is all about doing things for your favourite brands – for big rewards. You need to carry out actions like capturing images, sharing content with friends on social media and getting paid for it. Once you’ve downloaded it just browse through the brands on the app and the campaigns on the go and get on with completing the chosen activity. You can withdraw funds through paypal when you get to $10 and users of Loot so far have earned collectively over $100,000.