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5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

You keep complaining and whining on why you’re still alone even if you’ve well passed the 20 year old mark of your life. However, there are just a couple of reasons why you’re still single after all this time. It might not be the fault of the ones you’ve dated but it may actually be yours. Here are just some of them.

You’re Choosy

They say that beggars can’t be choosers. That saying does a left turn when it comes to love since we all want someone with all the qualities that we admire. However, being all too critical with everything makes it horrible experience for your would-be boyfriend. Nobody’s perfect in this world and you’re certainly no perfect piece of work as well. Counting all the faults and imperfections of the other person isn’t a healthy thing to have if you want a relationship. Being choosy about whom you date is a no-no if you want someone to love you.

You Can’t Get Over Your Ex

Admit it. Somewhere deep within your heart, you just can’t get over your ex. You start thinking about him every night. You start wondering how their life has continued without you in it. You start stalking their Facebook profiles and give that nasty look on all the females he’s connecting with, even if they’re not even together. That’s the unhealthy thing that a lot of women have nowadays. But you have to accept it and move on. Dwelling in the past isn’t a healthy thing to do.

You Lust, Not Love

So you’re looking for someone who’s hot and good in bed but you still want it to be a steady relationship at the same time. That predator disposition of looking for a man to satiate your desire just won’t cut it if you want a relationship. What’s to say that after sex, you just end up getting bored and ending things right away? Don’t put lust over love.


You Have a “Type”

The mixed illusion that having a certain “type” of guy that you have to date is a pretentious and immature belief that will get you nowhere in relationships – example, you claim that your type is a “bad boy” and you like dating those tough guys. News flash dear, you won’t be having the happy relationship that you’re looking for. Having a “type” doesn’t help if you really want to find love. Sticking to a certain type will only lead you to date guys who don’t even care about you. What’s wrong in dating a guy that’s kind, nice and caring?

You’re Desperate

Constantly looking and begging for someone to be your boyfriend won’t need any words. In fact, you can bring out a certain aura that tells a lot of men to back off. Being all desperate just sends the wrong message to a prospective boyfriend. It often happens when you send signals. For example, texting every 5-10 minutes, constantly asking for a little bit of attention or being all too clingy, even in social media. Click here for more